Adirondack Mountains to Washington DC

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I worked at Windshift Canoe Camp in Temagami Park in northern Ontario the summer of 1969. We totaled 20 people, with our base camp on an island 50 miles from the nearest settlement, Bear Island Indian Reservation.

Camper Bill Delafield getting chewed out by a counselor. Bill was in a bicycle gang in NYC. They liked to break into locked school athletic fields and party.

Pine pollen on untroubled waters. Watching the waves was my first conscious mediation.

Revisiting the area in 1976 I found this Lady's Slipper orchid.

In August '76 I worked for the Western Door Wilderness School, so-called even though we were in NY's Adirondack Mountains and on Cape Anne, Maine.


Avalanche Lake with Mt. Colden, 4th highest in the Adirondacks, located between the highest Mt. Marcy and the 2nd highest Algonquin Pk. It's steep enough that landslides have made rock stripes all the way to the top, 2000 feet higher. It's steepest at the bottom, so the easy way is to start out following the waterfall here which follows the gentler "dike" of softer rock which has worn down. Strong hikers can make it to the top in an hour, watch the sunset and hustle back to the lake before dark. Terry and Gerry Plato discussing philosophy.

Another view of the birches at the bottom of the dike. The trail along Avalanche Lake is very rugged and located some 5 miles from the Adirondack Lodge. Charlie the 80-year-old Ranger gave me the keys to the State boats, which I used to rescue hikers caught on the trail at dusk.

Larry Higby's dad was a founder of the National Outdoor Leadership Schools in Wyoming. Larry was a superb outdoorsman but it was the wettest summer ever in the verdant Adirondacks and his fires kept dying. Having grown up in the Eastern swamps I came to the rescue. Here he's pitching baseball while smoking a pipe.

Lilly on Forked Lake

Sunrise on Little Regis Lake

Sailing on Forked Lake

spider webs on the Wanika-Duck Hole trail

John Millar contemplating on Maine's Cape Anne, where we did some ocean canoeing.

The Mount Washington Hotel, with the vertical snowy scar of the Mount Washington Cog Railway on the Mount at right. This was the site of the 1944 Bretton Woods International Monetary Conference, origin of the IMF.

Ice floating in a stream near Mt. Washington

Birgit Frind the artist exploring a new medium at her Dad's home near Albany.

The Chimney Tops in Great Smoky National Park

Flooding after a thunderstorm on the Toronto Islands.

Crime lights challenge the full moon by the U.S. Capital

Taking up a collection. At a protest of Nixon's Inauguration 1/20/73.

Caught in the act! The next year, Nixon would be too.

At the 1976 Bicentennial celebration on the Washington Mall, Harold celebrates 200 years by civilly disobeying the NO SITTING ON FENCE sign. My brother 16-year old brother Michael asked "Are you part of the official celebration?" Harold replied "No, this an unauthorized use of this symbol." Michael: "What are you?" Harold: "I'm a revolutionary. I travel around the country exercising my rights." He told us he turned himself in for pot smoking with 2 joints as evidence and defended himself by saying that unless he controlled his own body he was a slave, which violated the 13th Amendment. He was convicted anyway and given probabation. He refused to sign the papers and walked out. Nobody stopped him. Ain't America great?

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