Censorship and Coverup:

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5/4/93 Mayor Durgin silences Duncan Campbell during his 3 minutes of"citizen participation" at the City Council Meeting.
5/18/93 Mayor Durgin apologizes to Mr. Campbell.
10/19/93 (the last Council meeting before her Nov. 2 re-election) Mayor Durgin claims 2 lawyers of the American Civil Liberties Union say she was within her rights to silence Mr. Campbell.
10/22/96 The Boulder Chapter of the ACLU repudiates Mayor Durgin.
11/19/96 The Colorado ACLU concurs.
1/10/94 Mayor Durgin tries (unsuccessfully) to pull "citizen participation" off City TV ( You can still watch your fellow citizens on Channel 8, 6PM, 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month.)

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