Freelance Editing

What I do

Hello. I can do anything from simply fixing grammar, punctuation and spelling errors (including improper homonyms that spellchecks can’t catch, like using “site” for “sight” or “cite”) to complete re-writes to illuminate your subject and hold people’s interest. I can fact-check online and I’m particularly good at catching scientific errors, like using “kilowatts” when you mean “kilowatt-hours.”

What my clients say

“I love the work Evan Ravitz did on my book. His editing was thorough, thoughtful and also very respectful of what the different contributors to the book were trying to convey. He was always on schedule and easy to work with. I have referred friends to him and plan to hire him for my next project.” —Sophie Rose, author of The Way of The Heart, an Indie Excellence Finalist and USA Best Book Finalist.

“When my memoir, “On the Wings of Mercury”  was published it had been subjected to the expertise of both line and content editing. When Evan read the second edition he found typographical, grammatical and content errors that the professionals had missed, TWICE! I now feel confident that the third printing is correct thanks to Evan’s laser-keen eye for the written word.” —Lorraine Moller, Olympic marathon medalist, coach and author.

“I have a product that is about to go national and the booklet that comes with it has to be perfect. For the final proofreading, I wouldn’t work with anyone but Evan. He has the eye of a high-powered microscope, finding typos other editors missed. On top of that, he is a joy to work with. If you need an editor and/or proofreader, stop searching—work with Evan.” –Richard Shane, Ph.D. Developer, Sleep Easily

“I hired Evan Ravitz to help me with proof reading a book and he was excellent. He caught many, many things–grammatical, technical and sometimes proposed better wording. I would recommend him to anyone who needs detailed care for a final manuscript. He is methodical, detail oriented and focused on grammatical precision. He also has a foundational understanding of technology, which many others do not.” —Camilla Rees, Co-Author of “Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution” and Founder,

“Evan Ravitz takes the craft of editing to a new high. He has a talent that few possess, for he not only is meticulous and thorough but brings his literary intuition and instinct to every project. You can expect a prompt turnaround time coupled with the knowledge that your work will be “publisher ready.” I wouldn’t feel comfortable using anyone but Evan to do my smallest or largest editing job, he’s simply “the best of the best.” –George MacGregor, author, “So There

“For writing my review of the latest Condi rice documentary for the Huffington Post, it was so beneficial to get Evan Ravitz’s skillful editing assistance!” —Coleen Rowley, TIME 2002 Person of the Year

How I work

I charge $20-50/hr. on a sliding scale. Preferably, email me a .doc file so I can make an accurate estimate of what it will cost. Then I’ll edit in proposed changes, which can be accepted or rejected individually. I can also work on hard copy, or another way you suggest.


I wrote a column for the Colorado Daily from 1990-1995. I run this website among others. You can see some of my background and activities at my bio page. I’m also a good photographer, since age 6. See my recent digital photos and my older film photography.