Evan on Boulder’s Pearl St. Mall, 1994

Evan as Copper Canyon guide, 2011

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  • Spearheaded with 3 others the Alternative High School at Croton-Harmon High School, New York, 1969
  • Computerized the Latin American Division of Xerox in Stamford, Connecticut, 1971
  • Founding member of the Colorado Springs Artists Co-op, 1973
  • Taos Office Manager and Researcher, NM Solar Energy Assoc., 1978
  • Professional not-so-tight-rope artist “Evan from Heaven”, 1978-98
  • Student of yoga master Richard Freeman, 1979-
  • Rode a mountain bike from Arizona to Guatemala 11/88-2/89, including the first bicycle crossing of a 400-mile track through the Sierra Madre.
  • Founded the Voting by Phone Foundation, 1989.
  • Author of column “As the Millennium Turns” for Colorado Daily, 1990-95
  • Voted “Best Activist” by readers of Boulder Daily Camera, 7/26/92 for promoting Voting by Phone and spearheading the 13th St. Bike Path, built in 1993.
  • Spearheaded the 1993 Voting by Phone ballot initiative in Boulder. We lost 59-41%
  • Rafted the Jatate, Lacuntun and Ucimacinta Rivers in Chiapas, Mexico on a log raft, 2/93
  • Observer of Government-Zapatista negotiations in Chiapas, Mexico, 2/94
  • A main source for the book Presumed Guilty regarding the murder of neighbor JonBenet Ramsey, 1999
  • Advisor to fmr. US Senator Mike Gravel on the National Initiative for Democracy 1999-
  • Backpacked from home in Boulder to Salida, 300 miles on the Continental Divide and Colorado Trails, 2001
  • Put the best 1000 photos of a 1/3 century of color photography on the web, 2002
  • Started “The Doctor is IN”  help booth on Boulder’s Pearl St. Mall, 2003
  • Began digital photography, 2004
  • Began Evan’s Excellent Editing, 2008
  • Completed  Richard Freeman’s 200 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Intensive, 2009
  • Began Gates of Paradise Trips “Hard hikes to cush hot springs” in Mexico’s Copper Canyon, 2009

Led the fight for Boulder’s voter-approved online petitioning system for ballot initiatives and referenda, 2018-2020

The only video I have of my not-so-tight-rope show:

Employment highlights

  • Programmer Analyst, Xerox National Sales. Rochester, NY. 1972-3.
  • Programmer Analyst, UCLA Medical Center. Los Angeles, CA. 1973-4.
  • Programmer Analyst, IP Sharpe, Ltd, Rochester, NY & Toronto 1975-6
  • Programmer Analyst, The Architects. Taos NM. 1977 .
  • Researcher and Office Manager, New Mexico Solar Energy Association. Taos, NM. 1978. Research summary published by High Country News
  • Performing Artist from Alaska to Guatemala. 1978-1998
  • Executive Director, Voting By Phone Foundation (now Boulder, CO, 1989 – Present
  • Columnist, Colorado Daily, Boulder, CO. 1990 – 1995
  • Preschool teacher, Homestar, Boulder, 2004-5
  • Researcher for Jared Polis, 2006
  • Freelance Editor, 2009


  • Croton-Harmon High School, Croton-on-Hudson, NY. 1966 -1970.
  • Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO. 1971-2.
  • CU-Boulder, 1980.