“Evan guided my wife and me on one amazing adventure into the depths of a rarely visited oasis in Copper Canyon. The trip was awe-inspiring and truly one-of-a-kind. Evan was a gracious host and one extremely knowledgeable ‘shaman’! Twist his arm and get him to take you to the sandy banks of the Ulrique River…you won’t be disappointed with its turquoise color and warm temperature. Just dive right in. Trust me <grin>” –Stephen Verbeek,  30-something Boston home inspector. [It’s COLD! -Evan]

“This is a fabulous seldom-visited corner of our planet. If you are in shape to do the hike down into the canyon it will be an experience you will remember with fondness for a lifetime.” –Steve Bremner, 50-something athlete/adventurer extraordinaire communications consultant in Manitou Springs.

“What can you say about 70 degree temps at midday in mid-winter and a hot soak after a hard hike? This was my second visit to the Copper Canyon area, and I wanted to get away from the regular tourist spots. We only saw two people: the indian who shared the hot spring, and down near the river, Ishmael, who wanted to show off the cougar pelt from his hunt the week before. I highly recommend this trip to anybody who wants a good workout and to bask in shorts and a t-shirt during the winter in a remote spot. Evan knows the terrain and you would never find it on your own.” –Dean Myerson, 50-something web developer in Washington state.

“Copper Canyon trip was truly unique and one of those once-in-a-lifetime trips for me. With its remote, rugged, uninhabited, and astonishingly beautiful backdrop, this was a perfect trip for me to diet, exercise, and explore nature in its purest and most primitive form. Meanwhile, the hot springs provided the perfect remedy for relaxing and soothing the tired body after a long hike. Thanks Evan!”  –Hamid, 40-something Denver engineer  :


“Despite getting hold of the topo maps of Copper Canyon and a guidebook [by John Fayhee]) I was unsuccessful in my attempt to hike down to the canyon bottom. By great fortune I met Evan in Creel during one of his resupply trips. He guided me to the river at the bottom of the canyon, as well as bringing me to a fantastic campsite at a hot spring, and to some beautiful overlooks and a series of waterfalls. I hope to return and see the other hot springs he described.”  –Tom Turnbull, 30-something Brit doing web design in NY

“When Glen Turner and I embarked on a journey thru Central America we had no idea of the wonders that awaited us in Copper Canyon.  The largest canyon system in the world. it’s a must to get some kind of guidance to penetrate its depths and not miss the sights, hot springs and culture.  Evan Ravitz is the perfect guide for such an intimate glimpse of the Tarahumara Indians and the natural features.  This is not a one day car tour of the rim.  It is a 3 plus day journey not for the faint of heart.  But don’t worry; Evan will make sure you’re properly prepared and he’s with you all the way.  This canyon system is so immense  and uncharted there is no way to do it justice without a guide like Evan.  Thank you Evan.” –Randy Luallin, 50-something stone mason from Boulder.