Hamid sleeps on the Paisanos bus

We can travel together from Denver (I live in nearby Boulder) or we can meet in Creel, Chihuahua, an hour by bus from the trailhead. Two practical ways from Denver:

1. Bus: About 24 hours and $110 each way. Several Mexican bus lines (all better, faster and cheaper than Greyhound) leave Denver at 7 PM. I prefer Autobuses Los Paisanos, which is at 2201 Welton St., phone:  (303) 291-1366. This a “low-carbon” trip!

2. Your vehicle: About 18 hours and 1100 miles each way. U.S. insurance isn’t valid in Mexico, so you must buy it, available online, for about $75 for 2 weeks. At the border, you must give them a credit card number or a large deposit. They expect you to bring the same vehicle back or they’ll tax you 100% of its value.

With no direct flights from Denver to Chihuahua City, commercial flights just aren’t practical from Colorado. A NEW airport opens in Creel in the Spring of 2016, which should make flying in much easier.

Remember, you  now MUST bring a passport to enter Mexico and return to the US, both by land and air.